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The label hat does it

We give the music back the dignity

What is 'good music'? A question about which we do not stop thinking. About which we sometimes argue. And those in our heads are silenced as soon as an extraordinary musician meets us, whose talent, individual sound and ability directly touch and convince us.

We are a free and independent label. This allows us to bring together the most varied talents. We do not care to see
A1 Records as a template, in which an artist fits or not. The point is to make the unused person audible. As a musician, we know what is important for all professional demands on talent and craftsmanship: humanity and fairness.

We support the artists in all questions concerning the production and produce, if necessary, in their own studio.
Our affiliated Music Publishing takes care of marketing.

For A1 Records, Martin Engelien with his name and his awards in gold and platinum: musicians, Producer and composer with almost 40 years of experience in the music business.

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