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Martin Engelien

Musicians & Makers

Even as a child, he was a musician and never wanted to be anything else. That in the course of his life even more of it became, has to do with its energized essence. He never rests, always looks for new challenges, opportunities to develop further, to take others with him and to spur them to peak performance.

Martin, as a musician with bass, keyboard and other instruments, as a producer, composer, bandleader, coach and author, has caused so many vermin. Or, as he would say: '' It has to go out hell! '' His career stations can be seen: bassist and musical director of Klaus Lageband, producer of the most successful albums by Albert Mangelsdorff, co-composer of the Schimanski-Kinofilmhits. On top of that, there are countless performances with the best of his industry.

In 2002 Martin founded his own label: A1 Records. When he talks about his visions, his claim is high: He wants to bring out such good, stylistically timeless music that he still likes to hear it in 20 years. If you want to know more about him, his music and his life, just visit his personal website. He is pleased.

Doris Engel-Engelien

The good spirit

Someone shared mankind like this: '' There are doers and there are supporters. '' Doris clearly belongs to the second group. Their function can hardly be described in a few words. It is the thinking and directing force in the engelienian music business. From the organization to the support of musicians to the decisive unaffected ear, she sits at the pulse of the label. Where else would that mean management and marketing.

No wonder, as a Shiatsu practitioner she knows the best about energy. Your world is behind the stage, inside the happenings. Nobody knows better than she does when she's going. And it manages to maintain the balance when it is turbulent again.

Since 2006, she has been actively involved in the company and represents it at trade fairs and in relation to partners, publishers and other industries.

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