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Captivating stories from life, collected on the streets of the world, traveling from bar to bar combined with sweet, warm harmonies: that is the mixture with which Gil Edwards inspires his listeners and what makes him stand out. With his distinctive, energetic voice he tells about his experiences and adventures from the last half century.

It all began 50 years ago in the backseat. The little Gil from Medford, Oregon, was with his family on the way to Disneyland in Los Angeles, when the radio played the Beatles hit ''She Loves You''. This song grabbed the boy immediately and it was clear, that was his destination: Rockstar. Determined to find an electric guitar, he began his career. A little while later, still without a guitar, his father gave him a hunting dog, which Gil loved, but who could not put an end to his search for the longed-for plucked instrument. It was only when his father's work colleague was looking for a hunting dog, and was willing to trade his guitar, that Gil's dreams were fulfilled. Autodidactically, the little boy began to play along with radio songs and rehearsed. Only bloody fingers forced him to take short breaks, after which, however, he started immediately. Since his father was not able to tolerate the crooked sounds, Gil was playing four hours a day in the stable and the horses became his first listeners and admirers.

His first album production was released in 1999 under the title ''Canít Give It Up''. This one was followed five years later by the second album ''Mayday Situation''. Rich in impressions and full gratitude for many great people who have accompanied Gil, played and co-operated with Gil, the sensitive Rock star from Oregon wants to celebrate his 50th anniversary of being on stage with a third album production. And how could it be called any different than ''Celebrate''?

For this album numerous renowned musicians supported him. Martin Engelien on the bass, Joerg Dudys and Dennis Hormes on the guitar, Tim Ole Hoff and Dirk Brand on the drums, Pitti Hecht on percussions, Kai Weiner on the keyboard and Angie Damschen and Chuck Plaisance as backing vocals.

Gil Edwards is music that comes from the soul and the heart, with strong lyrics without compromises and gripping guitar sounds. The new album ''Celebrate'' is a thank-you message to a great time with impressive people and experiences and the start for a continuation of the show until the big curtain falls.

GIL EDWARDS - Celebrate (2017) 
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