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For HARBEK, „Visiones“ is an affair of the heart. On the one hand, because the musician/painter is aiming to finally conquer Europe with her new album, on the other hand, because „Visiones“ is the most personal album up-to-date of the 43-year-old Argentinian, who re-located in Berlin in 2016.

In 12 songs, sung in English, as well as in Spanish, VANESA HARBEK takes the listeners on a musical journey through her life and her soul, and she expresses herself not only musically, but also in a visual way, for there is a painting to each album title, painted by the South American artist herself, who’s works can also be seen in a gallery in Berlin.

Her musical trademark, the thrilling blend of traditional Blues with elements of Soul and Tango, has gotten the singer/guitarist - who also is an excellent trumpet player - the nickname “the female Carlos Santana. Though this title is geographically (Argentina vs. Mexico) as well as musically (Tango vs. Salsa) incorrect, both artists share the delicate guitar playing of Blues with a South American flair.

VANESA’s way of playing spreads positivity and power all over. On stage as well as in the songs of her new album „Visiones“, which the name of the song “Positive Day” already implies.

Soulful, melancholic but yet groovy, VANSEA HARBEK tells the story of her leaving Argentina and how she started a new life in Germany in the song „Te Extraño Buenos Aires“, always carrying her home country in her heart. „Hell In Paradise“, is a very personal song that is about a long gone, toxic relationship. VANESA’s love for Tango becomes clear in the album’s only cover song, the track „Vuelvo al sur“, by the Argentinian Tango revolutionist Astor Piazzolla.

„Visiones“ was produced by the German bass player legend Martin Engelien ( Klaus Lage, Tabaluga, etc ), who also played the bass on the album and who is a line-up member of VANESAs live band. Other band members are Berni Bovens on drums, the renowned Jazz pianist and keyboarder Thomas Hufschmidt, and the internationally acclaimed percussionist Pitti Hecht ( Scorpions, Bobby Kimball etc.).

VANESA HARBEK - Visiones (2022) 
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