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The label for musical pearls

Music that develops in hidden depths? It takes time to create a unique pearl from a tiny sound grain? Which sometimes simply does not fit into popular casinos such as rock, pop, classical or jazz?

Yes, there is 'oyster music' - authentic, handmade and gingerly. And there is a label under whose protective shell she is at home:
A1 Records. We invite you to a world of extraordinary compositions and interpretations. In musicality and individuality are more important than adhering to 8 measures for a solo and 3 minutes for a piece. And the freethinkers have small, exquisite pearls ready.

We are not always able to find the apt name for a new style, another oyster jewel. But what does it matter? It is more important for us to bring the works themselves to the surface and to make them audible in their beauty, musical mother-of-pearl for Experts' ears.

   A1 Records • Germany • KREFELD
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